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Production Designer roles on low- and mid-budget short films, commercials and music videos.

Current projects in early 2023 include Set Decorating for independent feature 'Mirrors' and Production Designer for 'Carnibal', an independent horror feature.

As Yet Untitled (2022)  Producer / Production Designer. Graduate Thesis Project (Screen and Film School).

A challenge designed by me: Three directors were given the same room and 24 hours to create a story around the set design.

Featured at the tenth anniversary of Horror-On-Sea Film Festival, the UK's largest horror festival.

As Yet Untitled

A Million Dreams (2022) Set Decorator. Music Video. AMOS Productions.

Ravi and Gbenga Adelekan's charity music video has raised over £70,000 for Brainstrust, was featured on This Morning, and was in the running for Christmas No. 1. 

A Million Dreams

Sour Milk (2022) Independent short film (Mangled Media). Production Designer/Set Builder. (in postproduction)

Vampire horror with socially conscious message. Included full set design and build in-studio from scratch.

Sour Milk

Crackman and Robyn (2022) Independent short film (Filmwerq Productions). Production Designer.

LGBT+ addiction drama. Three short film awards to date and premiering at major festivals in 2023.

Crackman And Robyn

Memento Mori (2022) MA graduation short film. Production Designer. (in postproduction)

Surrealist modern retelling of Irish folklore tale. Included extensive food styling. 

Memento Mori